About us

About us

Salamander Tactical is the Story of the past, present and future.

All kids should venture into the woods and fight imaginary dragons. All men should strive to grow. As a young man with no direction i was saved by military life. I spent many years in Submarines, tried my luck as a navy ship diver, and lived a hectic carefree life. I crossed over to special forces, and worked as a weapons specialist, travelling the world with the best of them. During this time I messed up my back, the vertebrae discs were crushed several times. I was in a bad state of constant pain, and had to leave. I started a company on the remnants of miltary life that crashed many years later, in flames. Like Ragnarok, everything comes to an end. The thing is though, it starts again.

The Salamander is throughout history regarded as a mythical creature, borne out of fire. Like the Phoenix it rises from the ashes, and springs to life. This way Salamander Tactical represents the cycles we go through. In the beginning my nickname on the interwebs was Salamander. I have a tattoo of a Salamander creature. In the second world war there was special operations conducted in the west, under the name Salamander operations.

When one voyage ended in flames, I returned to the core of my passions. I follow the desire to create. I do it for my own sake, and I do it for the warriors, sportsmen and hunters out there.

No one exists in a vacuum. I did not build anything alone. My friends and partners are invaluable. The team.