Black Sun Dark Engine BLADE IR illuminator


Black Sun Dark Engine BLADE IR illuminator

New for 2023 is the revolutionary Dark Engine ‘Blade’ IR Illuminator. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards, in the UK and backed by a lifetime warranty. 2 options available: Standard and Covert. Covert is for shorter distances. 940 Nm means it has less range than 850Nm, but is less visible to animal eyes.

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“Our design rationale for the Blade was that while NV devices were getting smaller and lighter, the illuminators on the market were getting bigger and heavier! We have solved this issue with the smallest, lightest illuminator that has no handicap on the quality or power of the illumination.”

Starting with our long proven, ultra-reliable very high output pill, we designed a new compact high precision lens and single piece body. Power control is provided by our new variable rotary intensity control.

The pill has the power to illuminate out to 900+ yards and give a clear image of the target at 600+ yards at 10X magnification and above. This is in the worst application case which is a Pard NV007V, behind a day scope which limits light to the digital sensor. Dedicated scopes or front clip ons will achieve even further distance.

The lens is very precise and matched to the pill allowing us to reduce size and weight while improving efficiency and output. It runs from tight spot (for add on use) to wide flood (for dedicated scope use) in under one turn of the lens focus. There is no movement or wobble of any kind in the focus mechanism dislodging the beam.

The body is a single piece aluminium, again of our design, with 25mm and 30mm diameter sections for easy mounting with adjustable or fixed mounts. The Blade can be used with standard ring mounts as no extra height is needed to clear a large diameter lens.

The power is controlled by our variable rotary power control which features an integral, near silent, push/push on/off switch and power on indicator LED. For completely silent operation the variable rotary part of the switch can be used. The infinite intensity control allows the power to be set precisely to suit the NV device, distance and conditions allowing the illuminator to work perfectly with high sensitivity dedicated scopes or low sensitivity add-on systems.

Weight 170g
Battery life 4-90 hours
Battery 1 x 18650 3.7V (not supplied)
Dimensions 167 x 34mm Body dia 25/30mm
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