C2 Double Knit Merino Wool Hat


C2 Double Knit Merino Wool Hat

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Hard facts
–  100% Merino Wool
–  Heavy Double Knit
–  Manufactured in Europe
–  Double Logo Patch for Beanie and Standard wear
–  VRTBR® Design

Soft facts
–  The double-layer knitted Merino wool hat is a quality product made to last. It will keep you warm in the coldest weather and allow sweat to pass.
If it gets wet the wool will still retain its heat-keeping properties
–  The carefully selected Merino wool does not itch or scratch. It’s toasty and soft. The leather logo patch is hand-sewn to both sides of the cap, allowing you to wear it rolled or straight. The C2 Wool Hat is a VRTBR® Design and is carefully handmade in Europe

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