FDM-02 Binocular rangefinder rail kit


FDM-02 Binocular rangefinder rail kit

The kit is composed of BPL-200 long rail, LH-22 ball head with PU-25 QR plate and DDC-38 with NP-60S QR plate.

With this kit, users can use binoculars to stably observe long-distance objects and measure the distance stably and accurately.

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BPL-200 long rail is 200 mm long and with a double Arca standard dovetail for sliding. The long rail with 3 sides clear laser-engraved scale, built-in “bulls-eye” style spirit level and safety stop screws on the bottom for preventing accidental sliding out of the clamp.

LH-22 ball head is future an Arca standard base and clamp and 22 mm ball. Very light, flexible and high locking capacity.

DDC-38 clamp package is composed of 2 back-to-back clamps and clamping orientation can be parallel or perpendicular. To swap the clamping orientation, simply loosen the screw (use included hex key) one full rotation, then pull the clamps apart. Rotate 90 degrees, seat back together, and tighten the screw.



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