LN-404C tripod


LN-404C tripod

Leofoto LN-404C Tripod for heavy cameras and lenses

Strongest, most stable, modular carbon tripods

Are equipped with a modular operating platform

The legs are adjustable to 3 positions

Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber

Leg lock system

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These are the strongest, most stable, modular carbon tripods. A Mountain tripod is not just a tripod, it is a complete operating platform, providing infinite creativity.

Ergonomically designed for fast setup. durability and ease of operation, some models can accommodate loads well in excess of 100 lbs! For those that need a tripod that will remain stable under the most exacting conditions, this tripod more than fits the bill.

Our Mountain Series tripods, designed to handle extremely heavy loads, are equipped with a modular operating platform. Their top element, capable of opening and closing, can be adjusted to support a flat disc, sliding central column, video half-ball adaptor, leveling base, or an exhaustive number of other accessories.

Hollow-out spider design for lighter weight without comprising strength. The tripod can be adjusted to 3 supporting angles (25°, 55°, 85°) according to different shooting requirements.

Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability, and less vibration.
Special leg lock system provides an easy and quick rotation of only 1/4 turn to lock and unlock the leg.

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