PRS The Bag-Olive green


PRS The Bag-Olive green

En solid og godt laget bag til barrikader eller til bruk på skytebanen.  Superfleksibel i bruk.

Did you ever knock your rifle  on the wood frame in the highseat?

Spook a deer?

Learn from the PRS guys, use a bag.

If you actually do Prs, you know what this is anyway!  Its got sticky surfaces and rugges construction. Filled !

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sku PRSTB-1
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A versatile bag for the shooter who need to move around fast.
Comes with +- 90% granules fill after your choice and ready to use.
The Bag has Velcro opening for adjusting the fill if needed.
It has three carrying handles, Front-Top-Back for easier grabbing The Bag when needed.
We added Non-Slip fabric on the top for the rifle and in the bottom for obstacles.
It’s shaped to easier fit in tighter space with rounded edges.
We made it extra wide for making a better platform for the rifle to rest on and resting the weak arm on it if needed.

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