SA-324CL+MK-40+GS-3 tripod


SA-324CL+MK-40+GS-3 tripod

SA-324CL tripod + MK-40 series ball head + GS-3 gun clamp

No-column compact design

Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber

Tripod Leg Twist Lock Mechanism

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sku SA-324CL+MK-40+GS-3
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This kit is composed of an SA series tripod, MG series ball head, and GS series gun clamp. Every part is of superior quality. Precision-engineered for better performance and durability. At Leofoto we know that a device is only as good as its weakest part.

The GS-3 is fully ambidextrous, possessing inward-angled jaws that wedge equipment into the clamp to further improve grip. With a double start thread allowing both jaws to move together, it allows a center of balance for products 1″ to 3″ wide. The textured rubber pads are designed to create maximum surface area grip with whatever is placed inside.
GS-3 is the improved version of GS-2, which is less weight without sacrificing its stability, yet more compact.

GS-3 is an all-purpose clamping mount and is specifically designed to enhance the accuracy potential of a tripod mounting interface. The GS-3 mounting feature allows existing equipment, typically without pre-existing mounting ports, to be securely mounted to tripods.

The new MK series Ball Head is the perfect union between innovative technical solutions and design. Ball Head features a new triple locking system, supports heavy loads, locks solidly, and moves smoothly.

We believe that your investment should be rewarded with years of satisfaction. The MK series offers up to 45 degrees of tilt in all directions, and up to 90 degrees in the drop-notches. A precisely machined ball makes the movement silky smooth.
Ball diameter: 40mm

Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability, and less vibration.

Quick lock/release with just 1/4 turns.


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