SA-364C+MA-30L tripod


SA-364C+MA-30L tripod

Rapid-Lock System | MA-30L

All-in-one double clamps design

No-column compact design

Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber

Semi-automatic angle stop

Tripod Leg Twist Lock Mechanism

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sku SA-364C+MA-30L
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Rapid-Lock System adds unique safety-stop features. The feature is comprised of a 5mm diameter steel pin that engages 5.5mm diameter holes in the rail. In addition to supplementing the traditional friction-based clamping mechanism, the interface prevents unintentional repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the Rapid-Lock is engaged.

Big clamp is for Arca standard plate, small clamp is for gun rail.
The SA series adopts a compact apex design, much smaller than tripods of the same maximum tube and height.
Toray 100% 10-layer carbon fiber leg tubes feature a cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability, and less vibration.

Pull out the angle stop, raise the leg to your desired angle, slightly press the angle stop and it will ratchet into place and lock automatically. To induce the angle stop automatic system, please pull out the angle stop completely and raise the leg to a horizontal position until the angle stop engages. Move the legs to your desired position and the angle stop will ratchet automatically.

Quick lock/release with just 1/4 turns.

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