Silencer Cover V


Silencer Cover V

Easy add on cover for your silencer.
Made for camouflage, protection and reducing mirage from the silencer.
Outer fabric from Cordura (250°C), FR Carbon Felt (1000°C).
Roll it nice on and fine adjust the Velcro. Don’t tight to hard, if you tight to hard you will trap the heat for a longer period. The heat needs to go out some place sooner or later.



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If you have a smooth silencer, you don’t need to open the Velcro each time, just slide the cover on/off.
Made to be used on bolt rifle.

Tested with 60rds rapid fire (7.62×51) without any problem.

Option to add extra Safety Rope (Glass Cord 550°C) to secure the cover to the barrel preventing the cover to fall off under rapid fire.



  • Safety Rope – Yes

See Video in Specifications.
Other sizes on request.

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