Spartan Valhalla Bipod Black

Spartan Valhalla Bipod Black

The Spartan Valhalla Bipod has been developed by a design engineer with a background in the Norwegian Special Forces.
The Spartan range of products are very much targeted with specific jobs in mind, the Valhalla is no exception, our 373 gram heavyweight in the Spartan family of Bipods, the Valhalla brings a more conventional answer to users needing a rock-solid platform.

It would be a mistake to think conventional means convention, far from it, the Valhalla is “Spartan-modular”, allowing it to integrate with other Spartan support systems. This means the Valhalla can provide the user with a host of different options, meeting real “in the field” needs and requirements.
The Valhalla  comes standard with Tactical quick deploy legs.

User Manual

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The Spartan Valhalla bipod is manufactured of 7075 aluminium, often called aircraft aluminium. Its the best you can get, and in terms of strength it means that it is as strong as steel, or in some cases stronger. What it gains in strength, it sacrifices in ductility. But believe us, ut is strong as, well, stronger than nails. It weighs in at 373 grams, less than half of some of the competitors.

The Legs are made with high grade carbon fiber.  Its light, and strong.

The Standard legs on the Valhalla is the Tactical legs, the quick deploy type. All Spartan Legs can be used on the Valhalla, so you can get a sitting  bipod, or even a standing bipod if you so desire.

Colour is Grey on body and legs.  It comes with tac quick deploy legs.

It comes with one Adapter to a stock, and choices are Picatinny or M-lock.

Other options available in the store.


Check out this video:

Valhalla Bipod – Installation & User Guide

The Valhalla can be attached before use to the pre-installed adapter. Both adapters are designed to remain on the rifle but can be removed easily if required.

M-Lok Adapter

Use the provided 1/8″ hex key to install the adapter on to your M-Lok rail.
We recommend applying a small amount of semi-permanent thread-lock to the threads of the screws during installation.

Installing Adapter

Picatinny Adapter

Place the adapter onto your Picatinny rail and close the throw lever. Firmly push and pull the adapter to ensure that it is correctly installed onto the rail.

Picatinny Latch

If there is any movement, use the provided tool to tighten the adapter to the rail.

Picatinny Bolt

To remove the Picatinny adapter from the rifle, apply rearwards pressure to the spring-loaded catch and open the throw lever.

Removing Picatinny

To install the bipod onto the adapter press the spring-loaded catch located on the front of the chassis. Then slide the bipod onto the adapter spigot and check that the bipod is correctly retained.

Installing on Spigot

Cant Locking Lever

The Cant locking lever controls the pressure applied to the adapter spigot. Pushing the cant lever forwards will increase the friction on the adapter spigot so that you can lock the cant angle at the desired position.

Tension Lever

If you would like to change the position of the lever to adjust the “lock” position or for fine-tuning. Pull the lever outwards and rotate the lever to the desired position.

Tension Lever

Cant Limit Screw

The cant is optionally limited to 10° left and right by a small Hex Socket Screw. This screw can be removed if a greater range of movement is required.

Picatinny Bolt

Leg Pitch

The bipods legs can be indexed at one of five angles between 0° and 180°. Simply push downwards on the spring-loaded shoulder of the leg and set to the desired position.

Lge Pitch

Leg Extension

To extend or reduce the leg length simply depress the spring-loaded lever and move the lower leg section to the desired height and release pressure on the latch. The internal springs assist and make it a smooth and easy process even when prone.

Leg Height

Leg Orientation

To orientate the lever on your Tac Legs to suit your personal preference. Simply loosen the two grub screws at the top of the leg and rotate the leg section to the desired position. Proceed to simply retighten the grub screws. Do not excessively tighten.

Tac Leg Rotate

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.