Suppressor Cover V


Suppressor Cover V

Easy add on cover for your suppressor.
Made from Cordura (250°C) and 12mm FR Carbon Felt (1000°C) fabric for camouflage, protection and reducing mirage.

Roll it nice on and fine adjust the Velcro. Don’t tight to hard, if you tight to hard you will trap the heat for a longer period. The heat needs to go out some place sooner or later.
If you have a smooth silencer, you don’t need to open the Velcro each time, just slide the cover on/off.

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Option to have extra Safety Rope (Glass Cord 550°C). We recommend to add Safety Rope around the barrel also so the cover doesn’t move under firing.

Tested with 3 magazines on full auto for max test. Inner temperature around “550-600 degrees” and outer temperature around “200 degrees”.
All main tests have been done with “realistic shooting”, if you push the limit the Cordura will melt.


  • Safety Rope – Yes

See Video in Specifications.
Other sizes on request.

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