The Fafnir Muzzle Brake


The Fafnir Muzzle Brake

This is a PRS-Longrange- kind of brake.
It claims efficiency as first principle, not the comfort of your surroundings.
Sorry, not sorry. 🙂

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There are muzzle brakes, and then there are muzzle brakes.
We did not make the first one, but we did design the Vertebrae brake.
It was tested as the most effective brake at the time it was made, reducing recoil in a Vaapentidningen test by 78% or thereabouts.
Its design was not completely new to the world, other people had made fairly similar brakes, but less user-friendly.
The Vertebrae brake among other things added a threaded adapter to make it easier to mount on the “level” and ease production and thread compatibility.
If you study the muzzle brake designs on cannons and tanks you may get a hint that this concept is nothing new.

Without voice-over or dramatic rock music intro, we still claim to have made a VERY effective muzzle brake.

Our new brake is built with a counter nut to ease mounting on the rifle, and we have the most common threads.
Current version is built for God’s own caliber, 6,5mm, but can be opened up for caliber.30 by a competent gunsmith, or on special order. It will work well on smaller calibers, but the gas volume may not utilize the entire port volume.
The ports are made with efficiency as a design principle, and boy does it work.
Minimal recoil, very little muzzle rise.  If you want, you can add holes to the slots on the top to counter any unwanted vertical rise. This may be more pronounced on lighter rifles.

Slo-mo goodness:

more real-time video on a “light” rifle

Made in Stainless steel.


  • M18x1
  • M14x1
  • M15x1
  • 1/2-28
  • 5/8-24
2 Reviews


Awesome muzzlebreak. It makes shooting sub 1/3 moa groups easy.


Have used this for about a month now and it’s an awesome break. Redused recoil with about 25% compared to my old muzzle break.