The hunters muzzle brake


The hunters muzzle brake

This brake is made for hunts where you can not or do not want to carry a silencer.

It dampens the muzzle flash with a small chamber right after the muzzle and the three ports.

The ports are 90 degrees to prevent to much back-blast and noise, but as all brakes is is noisy.


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  • M14x1 threads
  • 20mm Main Body
  • Compact, Lightweight design
  • Cr12mov
  • Three port design, very effective for recoil reduction.
  • Blast chamber to dampen flash
  • Treaded nut to to reverse-tighten the brake to the barrel
  • Easy to set up, take off and use.
  • 85 gram
  • 19 and 23mm flats to tighten the brake to the barrel threads
  • currently ONLY in m14x1 threads
  • 6,5mm and .30 caliber bore.
  • Cerakoated armourers black



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